Grownup gives you #adulting super-powers

Everyone can use some help with their grown-up jobs. From remembering a birthday to writing a will, Grownup helps you get it all done.
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Adulting made easy

Get help with all your grown-up jobs

Grownup helps you manage all your grown-up jobs, even if you don't know what they are yet!

We help you learn about the jobs that are important to you, so you only invest energy into things that matter. We break the big tasks down, reminding you when you need it, so you can make progress on the things you've been putting off and begin to feel like a super adult.

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Future Planning

Plan for a happy future

You can make small investments today, with your time and resources, that will set you up for future happiness as well as let you enjoy the present so much more.

We provide expert guidance, break the big jobs down into small tasks and gently remind you so you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work and make your future that much happier.

screenshot of Grownup app showing how to plan a date


Invest in your relationships

People are important, but life is busy. It's way too easy to stop being intentional with our friends, family and those that matter most to you.

Grownup helps you stay in touch, make memories and even purchase gifts for your loved ones. We'll help you be engaged and proactive, so you can invest in those that are important to you.


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Future planning

Stop worrying about the future. You can take a few small steps today that will let you enjoy the present so much more.

  • Write a will
  • Save for retirement
  • Begin investing

And many more!


It doesn't take much time to maintain your important relationships, a little extra love goes a long way.

  • Remember a birthday
  • Stay in touch with a friend
  • Plan a date night

And many more!

Coming soon...

We're just getting started and have so much more content planned and in the works.

Topics include vehicle maintenance, home maintenance, self care, looking after children, looking after pets and much more.